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Greetings to you wonderful people and welcome to our amazing website, “Your Healthy life.” As you all know, your health is your greatest asset, and feeling great expands your thinking horizon which often enables us to excel massively in our various businesses. So we must take care of our health with our lives. This concerns the way we live and our immediate surroundings, the kind of food we eat, and the kind of things we put in our bodies.


Since childhood, I have been so concerned about my health, and this attitude, since then, has caused me to visit the hospital just once in two decades. I never liked drugs and thought following basic hygienic doctrines could help me lead a very healthy life. And to my greatest surprise, it did play a significant role in my being healthy.

However, still, as a young man growing, watching many young ladies weeping during menstruation, numerous women becoming overweight and even obese, children developing diabetes type 1 and also having that burden in me that I may be prone to diabetes since I have a family history of this metabolic syndrome, I and some experts decided to do more research on these health disorders thus providing to the public more information and solutions to, if not all, most of these diseases.   Moreover, seeing many young lads spending most of their time in the hospital, the rapid spread of diseases among youths, the deterioration of people’s bodies because of the choices of products they choose to consume, and the falling apart from some excellent relationships due to the fading away of the beauty of their spouses (especially when they suddenly gain more calories), puzzled me and left me with lots of curiosity rather than the concern for my own health.

My Story On Weight Loss and Diabetes.

I live in a country in the Middle East and it is a beautiful nation full of peace, culture, and abundance to eat. Above all, there is lots of sugar in this country and all sought of items made from sugar like sweets, cakes, biscuits, fruit juices, etc, which are known to have very high calories.  I love to consume chocolate products, especially NUTELLA. Moreover, I was a fan of cakes and yogurt drinks (laban strawberry was my favorite). These food items dealt with me as I became suddenly overweight. This was very evident when I consumed more of them than cooked food due to my busy schedules as an educator and a student. I was very uncomfortable with my overweight and so were my closest friends complaining. I stopped eaten cakes and NUTELLA for a while and after barely a few months, I lost some calories. I was excited and that was one of the motivations that led me to do more research on weight loss so to help other folks out there who wish to lose weight. The coolest story is I have been able to manage my weight just by dieting and I must I am not an exercising type. However, I love my fitness, and thanks to the research we conduct.

My paternal family has this family history of diabetes and this metabolic syndrome dealt with my aunt who I watched fighting for her life while I was still a teenager. My dad too is affected by it and I am cautioned that I may be the next target. So we decided to hire an expert Shu Golda (a Ph.D. student working on Diabetes) and her information is really testimonial, not only in my family but to may out there who read her blogs.


They say ” Looking Good Is Good Business”. And likewise, feeling great is a better business. Providing the best information as far as health is concerned is actually a blessing not only to us the writers, or to the readers but to the entire globe as a whole. If we are sick and do not get the proper information of a particular health disorder or better still that product which would make us assume our healthy life, we would not be able to challenge our day to day activities and this would disrupt the national and even the global economy.

We strongly believe that if we help the ladies by providing them with the best sanitary pads and information on cancer, information on how to lose weight for both sexes, direct diabetics on the kind of foods to consume, and products and services to manage their diabetes,  they will obviously put on again those beautiful smiles and say goodbye to the tortures associated to these health disorders. Moreover, they will feel great and pay more attention to their businesses and responsibilities.

As we supply some of the best body lotions and services and making choices on the brands of lotions that best suit our bodies, the effect of some skin diseases and bleaching of the body as side effects of local lotions shall greatly be reduced.

As mentioned earlier, losing hair by humans takes away some of their beautiful looks thereby causing harm to their relationships. And we all know what happens to our business when we are emotionally unstable. We are here to help you provide the most efficient products that will help improve your fitness, beauty, and looks so that you can be empowered and free to face your day to day activities with lots of confidence and gumption.



Some of our goals include the following:

Provide scientific information on tips to lose weight and control diabetes. These are some of the main metabolic disorders affecting lots of folks and our team shall provide all the best information on how to tackle or prevent these illnesses from reaching us.

Direct us to excellent products that would help us maintain a healthier living and prevent us from the shackles of diabetes and obesity.

See many women free from menstrual cramps, barrenness, and to improve on other aspects of their health to play a more significant role in serving mankind.

Rapidly reduce the number of youths getting to the hospital because of a lack of basic hygienic information and preventive measures. The health of these youths is of great importance to the globe at large as they are the sole proprietors of the generation of new ideas that will make the world a better place.

Help build as many relationships and marriages as possible since looking good and great brings about more attraction from our spouses.

And remember, your health is our priority and major concern.

Leave any comments or suggestions below that would help improve the growth of our company.



B.Sc Biochemistry and PGCE Life Science.

CEO of Your Healthy Life