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Greetings to you wonderful people and welcome to our amazing website, “Your Healthy life.” As you all know, your health is your greatest asset and feeling great is better business. So we must take care of our health with our lives. This concerns the way we live and our immediate surroundings, the kind of food we eat and the kind of things we put in our bodies or consume.


Since childhood I have ignorantly been so concerned about my health that I visited the hospital just once in twenty years. I never liked drugs and thought following basic hygienic doctrines could help me lead a very healthy life. And to my greatest surprise, it did play a significant role in my being healthy.

However, still, as a young man growing, watching many young ladies weeping during menstruation, many young lads spending most of their time in the hospital, rapid spread of diseases among youths, the deterioration of people’s bodies because of the choices of products they choose to consume and the falling apart from some excellent relationships due to the fading away of beauty of their spouses, puzzled me and left me with lots of curiosity rather than the concern for my own health.

I saw ladies including those in my immediate family weeping during their menstruation, a moment which is supposed to be full of bliss turns out to be their worst nightmare. The most hurtful part of the story is, I saw my fiancee helpless in pains for days and her pillow soaked with tears all in the name of menstrual cramps. All these are as a result of poor and local sanitary napkins and pads in the market as these young ladies readily put them on because we never heard of such cases back then in the days of our mothers. To remedy this situation, our company supplies some of the best and highly competitive pads and sanitary napkins that have been tested and proven safe by many of our consumers.

I also watched youths spend the most time in the hospital as a result of not taking proper care of their health. We created lots of passion to bring smiles upon these younger generations through sensitization and information on basic hygiene, supplying them with some of our basic naturally ISO certified products which help boost their health and lead to a healthy life.

I noticed the bleaching bodies of so many young ladies and some few men as a result of the usage of locally made body lotions, how somebody lotions affect the skins of individuals and the dilemma of choosing the right lotion that suits our body, we have spent some couple of years to make available the best body lotions with no side effects. Varieties with different brands and quality are made just ready for our consumers.

I also remember how my fiancee attacked me of my bald head, telling me that her friends made a mockery of her because of her guy’s baldness. I decided to use some products and I regained my hair. Recommending these products to others around me, I received positive results. Now my ex-girlfriend, after seeing some of my pictures, said I looked more handsome than before. Pretty good right?


They say ” Looking Good Is Good Business”. And likewise, feeling great is a better business.

We strongly believe that if we help the ladies by providing them with the best sanitary pads, they will obviously put on again those beautiful smiles and say goodbye to cramps during their menstruation. Moreover, they will feel great and pay more attention to their businesses and responsibilities. Furthermore, and most importantly, the use of local and unhealthy pads usually results in growth and worst-case barrenness in many ladies. But our company can stop this from happening.

As we supply some of the best body lotions and services and making choices on the brands of lotions that best suit our bodies, the effect of some skin diseases and bleaching of the body as side effects of local lotions shall greatly be reduced.

As mentioned earlier, losing hair by humans takes away some of their beautiful looks thereby causing harm to their relationships. And we all know what happens to our business when we are emotionally unstable. We are here to help you provide the most efficient products that will help improve your fitness, beauty and looks so that you can be empowered and freely face your day to day activities with lots of confidence and gumption.



Some of our goals are to :

See many women free from menstrual cramps, barrenness, and to improve on other aspects of their health to play a more significant role in serving mankind.

Rapidly reduce the number of youths getting to the hospital because of a lack of basic hygienic information and preventive measures. The health of these youths is of great importance to the globe at large as they are the sole proprietors of the generation of new ideas that will make the world a better place.

Bring out the very best of the beauty of our consumers and the world at large as our products are consumed. To make sure that our consumers keep fit, look great and attract more attention from their fans and clients as they play their societal roles.

Help build as many relationships and marriages as possible since looking good and great bring about more attraction from our spouses.

And remember, your health is our priority and major concern.

Leave any comments or suggestions below that would help improve the growth of our company.



CEO of Your Healthy Life