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Managing metabolic syndrome like diabetes requires accuracy and precision. When you monitor your blood glucose level carefully, the tendency for you to live a healthier life is imminent. And for you to cautiously monitor your blood glucose in order to live healthily, you need the best glucose test strips for your glucometer.

In this review, we shall observe the Bayer Contour NEXT Test Strips, their amazing features and how these features inspire the health of diabetics, how they work, their various compatibilities, and where we can find these products.

Contour Next Blood Glucose Test Strips.

The Contour NEXT blood glucose test strips are products that render an easy solution for your testing needs with no coding technology, small blood sample, excellent accuracy, and quick test time.


Test strips are paramount to diabetes management and diabetics are recommended to consult their physicians upon which strips are best suitable for controlling their blood glucose level. The following features best describe the contour next test strips.

Small Sample Size (SSS).

A small blood sample is usually gotten in microliters using a lancet. A single prick from a lancet rarely produces a huge sample of blood. The patient will have to apply a bit of pressure closer to the pierced area to obtain more blood for testing. Fortunately, Contour Next test strips `use a very small sample size of 0.6 microliters and this makes the process of testing very convenient.

Highly Accurate.

Test strips provide rapid and excellent accurate results as they are calibrated for use with the Contour Next range of blood glucose meters. The very small sample size coupled with the no coding technology makes these strips one of the most accurate in the market.

No Coding.

Most diabetes machines are coded manually where you will have to enter a code in the machine so that results do not fluctuate with different test strips, and this often leads to errors due to user miscoding. But the no coding property of the Contour Next strips makes them be fast, very accurate, provides results in seconds, with one less step in testing, and eliminates errors due to user miscoding.


Controls blood glucose levels with at-home monitoring and tiny 0.6 microliter blood sample, that is, one ten thousandths of a teaspoon.

Second-Chance Sampling.

This property allows you to apply more blood to the test strip been used and this prevents wastage of test strips and lancets and saves you the frustration of redoing your test, and also cash.

Product Description.

The Contour Blood Glucose Test Strips are often used with a range of Contour NEST blood Glucose meters, and they offer a solution for your testing needs with proven accuracy, few (small) blood sample, and with no coding technology, thus they are ready to be used right out of the box.

They easily monitor blood glucose levels at home with a highly accurate reading from a tiny 0.6 microliter blood sample. These strips make daily testing easy, and there is high accuracy in terms of results and automatic compensation for many common interfering substances (such as acetaminophen and Vit C).

Contour NEXT Blood Glucose Test Strips also feature second chance sampling allowing you to reapply blood to the test strip been used. This prevents wasting test strips and saves money.

How These Strips Work.

These strips work by a simple chemical reaction where the active compound on the strip consists of the enzyme Flavin Adenine Dinucleotide dependent Glucose Dehydrogenase (FAD-GDH), and an electron mediator. A chemical reaction arises between this active compound (FAD-GDH) and the blood sample after been fitted on the reaction zone of the test strip.

This chemical reaction, which involves FAD-GDH causing electrons to pass from the glucose molecules to the co-factor and mediator in the strip, electrifies the two terminals of these test strips inserted into the glucometer.

New software in the Contour NEXT One meter converts the electrical current measurement into glucose concentrations and displays the result on the meter’s Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen.

Where To Find These Strips.

These test strips are readily and more affordably available at your Diabetes Warehouse in different sets:

Contour Next Test Strips 300ct.

This consists of 6 boxes each containing 50 strips giving a total of 300 strips. Its price was dropped from $179.99 to $159.99. Thus the purchase price of this set of strips is $159.99 at your Diabetes warehouse. You may wish to visit your Diabetes warehouse here for more information on these test strips. And if you subscribe to this warehouse you will also obtain a discount of 10% (price drops again to $143.99).

These strips evaluate a single blood sample 7 times for confidence and exceptionally accurate results. These test strips are for use with all of the Bayer Contour Next Meter.CONTOUR NEXT TEST STRIPS 300ct REVIEW by Shu Golda.

Contour Next Test Strips 50ct.

These high-performance strips are readily available at your Diabetes Warehouse in a single pack of 50 counts and cost $29.99. Subscribing to this warehouse secures you a discount of 10%, so you end up paying $26.99. For more details on these strips, click on the image below or kindly visit your diabetes warehouse here.


Other Contour Next Test Strips Quantities.

  • Contour Next Test Strips 200ct (visit here for more information).
  • Contour Next Test Strips 500ct (open this window for details).
  • Contour Next Test Strips 100ct (Click here for details).

Contour Next Test Strips Compatibility.

The various products are used alongside these strips and are as well found in your diabetes warehouse. Kindly click on “open here” for more details on these accessory products. A detailed review is under research for each of these products.

  • FREE Contour NEXT ONE Glucose Meter. (Open here for details)
  • Contour Next EZ Blood Glucose Meter. (Open here for more information)
  • Bayer Microlet Lancets. (open here for details)


  • No coding technology.
  • The results are fast and accurate.
  • Saves strips and money.
  • The expiry date is satisfactory to consumers.
  • Products work very well.
  • More convenience.
  • Prices are good and affordable.

Visit your diabetes warehouse here and grab your test strips.


  • Some strips are often destroyed, though on very rare occasions.
  • Refundable after customer dissatisfaction is not specified.
  • Box reads for Medicare/Medicaid only, which is not mentioned by vendors or manufacturers.
  • These products are advised not to be used during or soon after xylose absorption testing since xylose in the blood cause interference.


The Contour NEXT Test Strips are manufactured by Ascencia Diabetes Care; whose main goal is to provide products and solutions that render a daily positive difference for diabetics. Ascencia Diabetes Care (ADC) is a global company that finds pleasure in improving the lives of diabetics and also empowers them to take total control of their health and happiness.

ADC was established in 2016 via the acquisition of Bayer Diabetes Care, the reasons why most of her products have the name Bayer. ADC has spent over 7 decades offering excellent products and services that have proven to ameliorate the healthy lives of diabetics.

This company is working so hard in augmenting the portfolio of its products especially the Contour Next Range to become the World’s leading producer of easy-to-use blood glucose monitoring systems and testing supplies. ADC also work hand in hand with health care professionals and other experts to effectuate the most accuracy and compliance of her products to their customers.

You will need to visit  your Diabetes Warehouse here and see many of this company’s products as well as other amazing products that will inspire your healthy life.

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