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Best Weight Loss Products by Akon

The stigma of weight gain and obesity has inflicted many, and as individuals with this disorder strive to regulate or manage their weight, many of these folks don’t know how to go about it nor have a clue on the products or diet plan they need to follow. Here come two main weight loss products we have identified out there that we believe will help you burn out those extra pounds and as time unfolds, YHL shall provide you much assistance on your quest in weight management.

Before we elaborate on these amazing products, I would wish to remind us of our previous articles that one of the ways foods fight obesity is by providing us with high proteins, low carbs, and hence low-calorie intake, without forgetting their ability in boosting our metabolism. And these are some of the basic principles the two products we about to mention generally operate.


  • Almased generally is a dietary supplement manufactured from non-GMO soy, skim milk cultured yogurt, and enzyme-rich honey.
  • All these ingredients are mixed in a protein-to-carb ratio of 2:1respectively.
  • Almased also have in store for us essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that our body needs.
  • These products lack artificial flavors, preservatives, stimulants, gluten, added sugars, or fillers, and they are diabetic-friendly and also a good choice for vegetarians.
  • Taking Almased Meal Replacement Shake brings down your insulin levels, suppresses appetite, boosts your metabolism due to its low GI (27), and hence improves weight loss.
  • You can find these products in Amazon at $167.82 for 6 packs. Though the prices may fluctuate, we are sure you may not have it too high compared to the present price. Sometimes, this price may vary.

Making an Almased Meal Replacement Shake.

Simply mix 50g (8Tbsp) of Almased with 10-12 oz of water, low-fat milk, or unsweetened almond milk. Almased tastes natural and mild, so you would wish to add 1tsp of flavored extracts or spices, like vanilla extract and ground cinnamon which serves as flavors. Fibers you may wish to add to your Almased Shake include flaxseeds, chia seeds, or psyllium husks, by tossing them into your shakes before blending, or you may sprinkle these fibers on top while serving. To know more about these products, you may wish to visit their website here, and I think these products are for you, then kindly get to Amazon here and grab your packs.

Diet Plan of Almased Meal Replacement Shake.

The Diet plan consists of 4-phases.

  • The first phase is usually the hardest phase since you will have to do an all-liquid fast for 14 days while taking 3 Almased shakes per day. The main source of energy during this period is of course the stored fat found in the body. The high protein content (27g/serving) of Almased will help you retain your muscle mass.
  • 2 Almased shakes per day (breakfast and maybe dinner) are usually recommended during the second phase, whose period depends on your weight management goals. This phase also called the reduction phase, may also require a solid meal and some leafy greens during lunch.
  • The 3rd phase or the stability phase requires 1 Almased shake per day with 2 solid meals whose contents should be high proteins, low carbs, and veggies and may take 14 days. The 4th phase also recommends 1 Almased shake per day but with 3 solid meals.

Best Weight Loss Products Amazon by Akon


  • Consuming Almased shake Replacement meals boost your metabolism.
  • Improves satiety.
  • Its high protein maintains muscle mass.
  • No side effect recorded.
  • Backed by 15 publications.


  • From the many reviews I read, some consumers claim it tastes bad, and one consumer said it is not yummy neither is it awful. All we need to do is make it right like how we describe above.
  • Some complain the product is expensive.
  • The product works best when you do regular exercise.
  • High fibers may bring about constipation and bloat.

WonderSlim Protein Shake Powder for Weight Loss


One of the many WonderSlim products that taste well, and assists in weight loss. They are high standard products and are inspected by the

Best Weight Loss Products Amazon by Akon


WonderSlim Protein Shake Powder for Weight Loss Support consists of 15g protein, 24 essentials vitamins and minerals, low carb (7g), fat (1.5g/shake), and calorie (100 cal/shake), and Aspartame-free. There are 6 box value packs and each box is made of 7 servings. These 6 packs cost $76.25 at Amazon and if you are in the mission to shot down extra pounds, we suggest you rush to Amazon and secure some of these products.

These products have been confirmed by many to have a great taste flavor and their low carb is due to the fact all unnecessary carbs and sugar have been chopped off to make a meal replacement shake that improves weight loss. High protein and low carbs in this product increase fat burning, make you feel full for long, minimize hunger which consequently causes weight loss in its consumers.

Its diet is simply made by adding 8oz water or non-fat milk, then shake.

The products have a great tasting flavor where 8 flavors are available to satisfy cravings for something sweet, in only 100 calories per shake.

The WonderSlim diet plan’s main goal is to help people with the most delicious, high protein but low-calorie meals to adequately manage their weight. This diet plan strives to lower the portions of meals individuals and also reduce calorie intake. If you wish to lose little or more weight, then this product is for you. We recommend you to obtain this product if it pleases you, and you will quickly have them at Amazon.


  • No exercise may be needed during the WonderSlim diet program. However, this product is more effective with regular exercise.
  • No side effect.
  • No trans nor saturate fat, and Aspartame free.
  • Taste good and great flavor.
  • Improves satiety.
  • No side effects.


  • Minimal options for special dietary needs.
  • Most WonderSlim products are not backed by clinical research. However, the ingredients in the products are supported by research.
  • Diet plan needs a lot of commitment by consumers.

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