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Cayenne Pepper and Weight Loss by Akon

Cayenne pepper is a natural herb and red pepper with an active substance called capsaicin which acts as an appetite suppressant, improves metabolism, and enables the burning of calories, which are all great parameters that aid in weight loss.

Generally, cayenne pepper when ingested alongside food helps in the metabolism (oxidation) of fat, decreases calorie intake, improves the burning of calories, and increases satiety. The principal component present in cayenne pepper called capsaicin plays major functions in the above roles in weight loss and we shall quickly have a brief view on how this bioactive substance in red chili works.

Capsaicin and Thermogenesis.

Thermogenesis is the conversion of fat into heat leading to the burning of more fat thus promoting weight loss. The burning of fat or lipolysis is usually linked to the burning of fatty acids and/ carbs by the body. As the oxidation of fat is encouraged, so is weight loss. Capsaicin is well known for its hotness or the spicy tastes of pepper, providing the heat which speeds up thermogenesis.

This role of capsaicin has been supported by a journal published in March 2011 in the NIH which reports that capsaicin increases thermogenesis via the stimulation of catecholamine (hormones from the adrenal glands) secretion and sympathetic nervous system (SNS). And further states that the stimulation of the SNS preferentially increases oxidation of fat. Supportive studies also affirmed catecholamine of having thermogenic action.

Capsaicin has also been reported to increase abdominal fat loss in obese individuals as they practice weight loss habits.

Capsaicin and metabolism.

Capsaicin with another compound-dihydrocapsiate all found in pepper is known to boost metabolism. A rise in the metabolic rate leads to an increase in the conversion of food and beverages in the body into energy, producing more heat. This encourages the burning of fat and hence weight loss.

According to Dr. Aastha Kaira, a New York specialist in weight loss, specifies that capsaicin increases weight loss via diet-induced thermogenesis which stimulates an increase in metabolism.

This was proven by some studies conducted on the effects of chili pepper on Thai women where these ladies witnessed an increase in their metabolism 30 minutes after consumption.

Thus said, the bodies of those with increased metabolic rate quickly convert nutrients and foods into energy, thus little or no fat is stored.

Capsaicin and Appetite.

It is also aware that the presence of this natural herb in our diet brings about an increase in the feelings of fullness and suppresses appetite. If we use our common sense, very spicy or hot food makes you eat less and drink more water causing you to feel full with less food or calorie intake. Scientifically, capsaicin in peppers is known to control ghrelin, the popularly known hunger hormone, lowering its levels in our serum and thus decreasing hunger.

A research conducted on some individuals subjected to the daily consumption of pepper in meals quickly experienced the feelings of fullness as their appetite was suppressed. This made them consume fewer calories from these foods and witness an increase in weight loss.

More studies blamed the capsaicin molecule responsible for the pungency of hot peppers. This paper further states that capsaicin supplementation inhibits the increase of hunger, the decrease in feelings of fullness, and a decrease in energy expenditure.

How much Cayenne Pepper can we take?

The overconsumption of chili may cause some side effects and this varies from person to person. Based on my personal experience, though a fan of spicy food, when I consume a lot of pepper, I find difficulties in passing out feces. Pretty hot and burning and many folks around me usually avoid it.

It is been affirmed that 1g of cayenne pepper yields a decrease in appetite and food intake but this was true for those who barely eat spicy foods. Moreover, tolerance is also an issue, creating a minimal effect of capsaicin on weight loss-reasons why experts like Dr. Kalra does not fully recommend the consumption of cayenne pepper for weight loss.

We suggest this natural diet be included in our diet but small quantities. When pepper is consumed in a good and controlled manner, it plays enormous roles not only in weight loss but in our entire healthy life due to its anti-inflammatory and gastroprotective properties.

Overconsumption of red chili may cause heartburn or stomach irritation. It may cause pain to the anus during defecation. On the skin, cayenne pepper may cause burn or irritation.

These people should avoid cayenne pepper.

  • Those on medication for high blood pressure.
  • Children.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding ladies.
  • Those on medication that slows blood clotting.
  • People taking theophylline (theochron and uniphyl).
  • People about to take surgery.

Can cayenne pepper alone help in weight loss?

Weight loss is the main goal for overweight and obese individuals and they may go out of tract on their quest to manage their weight. We would love to say cayenne pepper alone may not aid in weight loss. And the worst goes for consuming these natural herbs with high energy foods. Experts recommend you practice healthy lifestyles and make healthy choices in your meals while munching chili. When all these come together as a team, you will experience a drastic loss in your weight.

Balance diets you may wish to include with cayenne pepper are fruits, protein, plant fats, low carbs/energy foods, whole grains, and vegetables. Healthy physical activities you may also implement include yoga, practice walking, always park far away from your destination-this makes you walk, practice climbing stairs (avoid lifts), go for some running-you may join a group to keep the motivation.

We know there are exceptions to those who practice all these, yet find minimal or no change in their weight loss. If this is the case, then with the approval of your nutritionist, Your Healthy life suggests you try some weight loss pills and you will have to make a thorough review of any weight loss supplement before consumption. Below are reviews of some popular weight loss products we researched for you. Please read them thoroughly, consult your Health Care provider before making a purchase.


All that said, the bioactive capsaicin in cayenne pepper is instrumental in weight loss as it tempers with our hunger hormone controlling our appetite, boosts our metabolism, and generates heat that disrupts adipogenesis. Moreover, practicing a healthy lifestyle and meal with cayenne pepper will yield amazing results in weight loss.

Lovers of chili and non-fans of pepper all over the world, feel at home by using the comment box below to give your opinion concerning this article and what you think about this entire category “weight loss”. Please let’s have a conversation.