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FREESTYLE FREEDOM LIGHT REVIEW-Kit, Log Book, Insulinx, and Precision Neo Test Strips

Greetings everyone and welcome to our Healthy Life Platform, today we shall be discussing some of the Abbott diabetes products, with the brand Freestyle light. Diabetes is a metabolic syndrome that is affecting the lives of millions of people worldwide and it is becoming up to the task of health organizations and passionate experts to introduce scientific guidelines for the prevention of diabetes, build awareness of its risk factors and develop norms and standards for the diagnosis and care of diabetes.

Here comes all you need to test for your blood glucose level (FreeStyle Lite Diabetic Starter Kit), the freestyle logbook to keep records, the FreeStyle Precision Neo Blood Glucose Test Strips that requires no coding and prescription, and the FreeStyle InsuLinx Test Strips which are easy to use and whose results are accurate.

Other FreeStyle Lite Products.

It is important to note that the reviews of few freestyle products like the FreeStyle Lite Test strips and their varieties, Freestyle Glucose Control Solution – Normal, Freestyle Sterile Lancets – 100 Lancets, and the FreeStyle Lite Blood Glucose Meter Kit have been provided. If you desire information on one of these products, kindly go here.


IMAGE.Product Name.Key PointsBUY
FREESTYLE FREEDOM LIGHT REVIEW-Diabetic Starter KitFreeStyle Lite Diabetic Starter KitSmall and portable meter
Accurate results
Tiny Blood Sample.
FREESTYLE FREEDOM LIGHT REVIEW-Glucose Log BookFreeStyle LogbookSmall and portable.
Records up to 16 days of Data
Easy to read sections.
FREESTYLE FREEDOM LIGHT REVIEW-Precision Neo Blood Glucose Test StripsFreeStyle Precision Neo Blood Glucose Test StripsEasy to use and accurate.
Reapply blood within 5s
Small sample size.
 FREESTYLE FREEDOM LIGHT REVIEW-InsuLinx Test Strips FreeStyle InsuLinx Test Strips.No coding required.
Small sample size.
Easy to use.

FreeStyle Lite Diabetic Starter Kit.

This comprises all you need to test your blood glucose levels.

The small and portable FreeStyle Lite glucose meter provides accurate results from a tiny blood sample. It also has a convenient backlight and test strip port light, so you can test anytime.

This Diabetic Starter Kit is made up of the following:

  • FreeStyle Lite Blood Glucose Meter (batteries included)
  • FreeStyle Lite Test Strips 100ct
  • The FreeStyle Lancets 100ct
  • FreeStyle Lancing Device
  • Compact Carrying Case
  • Owner’s Guide
  • Alcohol Swabs 100ct (generic brand)

Features of the FreeStyle Lite Glucose Meter:

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  • Small, discreet design for maximum portability
  • Accurate results in approximately 5 seconds
  • Clear, backlit display
  • Test strip portlight
  • Small Sample Size of only 0.3 microliter
  • Multiple test sites so your finger can get a rest
  • 4 reminder alarms to maintain your testing schedule
  • Stores up to 400 results with date and time
  • Provides results in 7, 14, and 30-day averages

Check out this product here.

FreeStyle Glucose Log Book

This book is small, portable, and includes sections to keep notes on your daily medication intake plus additional space for your own notes and comments. The logbook allows you to record up to 16 days of data, to keep a record of your meal times, bedtimes, taken medications, and additional space for your own notes and comments.

The FreeStyle Lite Company claims that with the FreeStyle Lite Log Book managing your diabetes is easy.

Log Book description.

The size is 4.25″ x 3.25″. It has 32 pages and the pages are double-sided. There are 3 or 4 entries per page which can take a full week. Amazon usually shows this as a 6 pack but you have to be aware that it comes as a single pack.

The FreeStyle log book includes sections for:

  • Lunch, Dinner
  • Medication intake
  • Bedtime
  • Night
  • PLUS comments for each day of the week
  • Records up to 16 weeks of daily activity

Product details.

Is discontinued by the manufacturer.No
Product Dimensions.4 x 3 x 4 inches. 0.8 Ounces.
Item model numberFreeStyle Book
Date of manufacture.April 12, 2011
Best Seller Rank#98,725 in Health & Household (See Top 100 in Health & Household)
#115 in Blood Glucose Monitors
Customer Reviews.4.3 out of 5 stars by 137 ratings.
This book is durable, handy, and easy to carry.Pages look thinner.
Pages are double-sided to accommodate more entriesGlucose logbook has a paper cover and not a hardcover.
Fits perfectly in the kit sleeve and meter bag.The book is quite expensive.
Pages are printed in the same format.This logbook looks small
Easy to read sections and very easy to keep track of your blood sugar level throughout the day.Paper cover may pull off from the book after some time if not handled with care.

Record up to 16 weeks of data. The FreeStyle diabetic log book offers you an easy way to record your daily glucose test results. Kindly check out this book here.

FreeStyle Precision Neo Blood Glucose Test Strips

This product is easy to use, accurate, and can be used without prescription.

FreeStyle Precision Neo Blood Glucose Test Strips:

  • No coding required
  • Small sample size (0.6 microliters)
  • Individually wrapped for easy testing on the go
  • Top-fill or end fill blood application
  • Fast 5 second average test time
  • Protected from air and moisture
  • Re-apply blood (within 5 seconds)
  • 60-second sample reapplication time and fill-trigger prevent the test from starting without an adequate blood sample
  • Four daily programmable alarms to remind you when it’s time to test

Product description.

The FreeStyle Precision Neo Blood Glucose Test Strips are designed for ease and accuracy. The strips are individually wrapped to protect them from air and moisture and for easy testing on-the-go. These Glucose Test Strips are compatible with the FreeStyle Precision Neo meter and the FreeStyle Libre Reader’s built-in meter. The meter sold separately.

Instructions: Discard test strips after a single-use. For in vitro diagnostic use only. Consult instructions for use.

Product details

Package Dimensions4.6 x 2.6 x 1 inches; 0.63 Ounces
Manufacturing Date. May 6, 2016
ManufacturerAbbott Diabetes Care.
Best Seller Rank#23,760 in Health & Household (See Top 100 in Health & Household)
#48 in Diabetic Blood Test Strips
Customer Reviews.4.8 out of 5 stars by 209 ratings.


  • Easy to use and requires a small blood sample.
  • Provides accurate results.
  • Rapid shipping.
  • No prescription required.


  • Some strips may not work well.
  • Strips may be a bit expensive compared to other brands.

Kindly go for these test strips by opening this window.

FreeStyle InsuLinx Test Strips 100ct

The FreeStyle InsuLinx test strips are specifically designed to be used with the FreeStyle InsulLinx blood glucose monitoring system. The FreeStyle InsuLinx test strips 100 count are easy to use and provide fast and accurate results are obtained every time. Moreover, there’s absolutely no need for any coding. It only requires a 0.3 micro-liter sample size of blood to give accurate results. These FreeStyle InsuLinx test strips only take 60 seconds before they are ready to reapply again. Freestyle’s patented ZipWik tabs target the blood sample for easy application and fast uptake. They contain just the test strips; they do not have the calibrating solution.

  • FreeStyle blood glucose test strips have patented ZipWik tabs to target the blood sample for easy application and fast uptake
  • No coding required means one less step
  • Small sample size–only 0.3 microliter
  • Up to 60 seconds to reapply blood
  • For use only with the FreeStyle InsuLinx System
  • Powerful testing; proven accuracy
  • Easy to use
  • The package includes 100 Freestyle Insulinx test strips

Other FreeStyle InsuLinx Test Strips Quantities:

FreeStyle InsuLinx Test Strips 50ct

Product information.

Package Dimensions2 x 2 x 2.25 inches
Item Weight0.5 ounces
Manufacturing Date.March 9, 2014
Best Seller Rank#251,390 in Health & Household (See Top 100 in Health & Household)
#318 in Diabetic Blood Test Strips
Is discontinued by the manufacturer.No
Customer Reviews.4.5 out of 5 stars by 87 users


Product is good, convenient and works well.

Affordable price.

No coding is required.

Minute sample size of blood.


Expiration date may sometimes be close to delivery date.

Few strips have been reported faulty.

Check out these strips here.

Bottom Line.

Your diabetic starter kit is all you need to check up on your blood glucose level and it is very essential for us to keep records of our data, meal times, and medications, thanks to our glucose logbook. Minimizing test strips in the likes of FreeStyle Precision Neo Blood Glucose, and the InsuLinz test strips with their amazing zip wik tab qualities, no coding, and nonprescription features are futile. No wonder these products have and are keeping good reviews by their users and we hope your health care providers give you the go-ahead as you try some of these products.

That said, we do appreciate your time and kindly leave us some comments in the box below concerning this review or any of the above products.

Stay Safe!