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We are all aware that fruits possess some simple sugar in the likes of sucrose, fructose, and glucose, which if consumed without caution is likely to cause obesity. This is however not the case for some fruits as most fruits have in them some anti-obesity properties that we shall diagnose in this blog post.

Some of the main qualities that fruits have that make them trusted to be included in our weight loss diet plan include:

  • A decrease in calorie intake.
  • Their high water content.
  • Presence of inherent micronutrients.
  • Most fruits have a low Glycaemic Index (GI).
  • Their high fiber content/ prolong satiety property, etc.

These and many more shall be discussed among the few fruits mentioned below.


Bananas and weight loss by Akon

Though this fruit is considered sweet, its high nutrients balance its high sugar or calorie content based on other fruits. Their low GI (52) checks up the levels of insulin and this slows the movement of glucose into your body cells hence curbing obesity.

Their good amount of fibers, antioxidants, vitamins A, B6, and C, minerals like magnesium, manganese, and potassium, and low calorie (89) play an excellent role in weight loss. Fibers slow down digestion and bring about the feelings of fullness and low calories bring about minimal energy intake as we consume bananas. These prevent future accumulation of energy in the form of fats. So consumers of bananas are likely to experience weight loss.

Studies also show that green bananas and some of their products played an important role in glycemic/insulin metabolism, weight control, and renal and liver complications associated with diabetes.


Apples and Weight Loss by Akon

A cup serves 125g and apples are low in GI (38) and calorie value (52 cal) according to food struct. The absence of sodium and fat in apples makes it highly recommended to be included in weight-loss diets.

The high amount of fibers in apples bring about satiety for their consumers, making them feel full for a long period, causing these folks to skip some or part of their meals there limiting their overall energy intake. This makes fans of apples likely to lose weight in the nearest future. Moreover, apples are very crunchy taking a while to munch or chew thereby prolonging digestion. Generally, foods that are quickly eaten may cause obesity to their consumer, and since whole apples are very crunchy, it is less likely to cause weight gain. This is not the case for apple juice and other juices out there that are easily consumed and likely to cause obesity.

Research conducted on women from Rio de Janeiro; Brazil asserts that apples play a significant role in pounds reduction.


Grapefruits and Weight Loss

I believe some people may get confused between grapefruits and grapes. Grapefruits are members of the citrus fruits which involve the cross between a pomelo and an orange. Grapes are members of the berries which are smaller and appear in clusters or groups.

From our nutritional data, a cup of grapefruits (230g) yields just 96.6 cal (404kJ) and coupled with their high water content 203g or 88%), these guys play an enormous role in weight loss.

The high water content and fibers bring about an increase in volume and high satiety rate respectively which cause a decrease in appetite against future meals during the day.

Their low GI (25) helps regulate the levels of insulin in the body and lowers the movement of glucose from the blood to the cells. This prevents excessive storage of glucose in the cells as fats which may result in overweight.

Studies from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) report that grapefruits and their products consumed before meals by obese individuals had positive effects on weight loss and insulin resistance in obese individuals. Grapefruits have also been found to chop off abdominal fats.


Berries and Weight Loss by Akon

Almost all the berries have a low GI and low-calorie value (Blackberry =25 and 43 cal, strawberry =40 and 32 calories, etc) which are two great properties associated with weight loss.

A research conducted on some few premenopausal women taken berries as snacks during the day proved that there was a reduction in energy intake, however, their appetite was unaffected. This could be a good and simple strategy to reduce energy intake by individuals who wish to quell down body fats

Their high fibers bring about feelings of fullness and delays digestion. They also decrease inflammation, lower blood pressure, quell down the levels of LDL cholesterols (strawberries) but not triglycerides and blueberries lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure and improve insulin resistance, all of which are very important to obese individuals.


Pears and Weight Loss by Akon

Pears play vital roles in our health and their anti-inflammatory property is very essential to weight loss. Pears are cholesterol and fat-free foods and being a nutrient-dense (with higher fiber, water, vitamins, and minerals) food, they bring about the feelings of fullness and their consumers tend to munch fewer calories in a day as they keep you satisfied throughout the day since fibers are slowly digested.

Pears have a low GI (38) and low-calorie content of 57 according to food struct. Moreover, their high water content (84%) increases their volume, and coupled with their low calories are excellent choices for weight loss.

Pears also help in digestion and lower constipation making the gut to be healthy again thus bringing about healthy weight loss.

Watermelon and Melon.

Watermelon and Weight Loss by Akon

Based on Nutrition data, a cup of watermelon is 154g with 46.2calories. And according to Harvard Health, this fruit has a GI of 76.

A cup of melon is 170g with 28 calories and a GI of 72.

Their low calories and high water content are a good diet for weight loss. These fruits have good quantities of fibers, potassium, antioxidants like Vit C, beta carotene, and lycopene which play an important role in weight loss.

Nonetheless, these fruits should be consumed with caution due to their high glycaemic index – GI (72) which may cause the cells to absorb more glucose from the blood if consumed in a great amount. This may further cause unused glucose to be stored as fat which may cause obesity in the nearby future.


Plums and Weight Loss

An example of stone fruits, others being apricots, mangoes, peaches, nectarines, dates, raspberries, etc.

According to food struct, plums have low GI (39) and low-calorie value (46). These make plums a good choice for our weight loss quest. Moreover, plums and other stone fruits are nutrient-dense and have a high satiety rate which are additional benefits for overweight individuals. Vitamin C in plums scares away free radicals that cause inflammation.


Pawpaw and Weight Loss by Akon

A cup is made of 145g, a low GI of 59, and a calorie value of 43.

Their low GI and amount of calories are very necessary for those wishing to burn extra pounds. The high fiber content in pawpaw brings about proper digestion and improves the movement of the bowels. All these promote a healthy gut which helps in weight loss. These fibers also bring about satiety causing you to feel full for a long time.

Antioxidants, calcium, potassium, and magnesium, and other nutrients in pawpaw reduce inflammation and promote metabolism which are two vital weapons that stimulate weight loss.

Studies show that the pulp and other parts of pawpaw plants are loaded with antioxidants, anti-hypersensitive, hypoglycemic, and hypolipidemic properties which play a great role in the treatment and prevention of obesity and other related metabolic disorders.

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Oranges and Weight Loss by Akon

Low in calories (47cal) and GI (42) and a serving which is 1 fruit equals 131g based on food struct.

They also have high water and fiber content which assist in weight loss. Oranges are recommended to be eaten in whole and not in juice form since their juices have lost most of their fibers and other nutrients that may work against obesity.

Studies conducted in the University of Western Ontario and published in March 3, 2020, reported that a molecule called nobiletin found in sweet oranges and tangerines are known to reduce obesity and prevent heart disease and diabetes.

Kiwi fruits.

Kiwi fruit and Weight Loss by Akon

They are also called Chinese gooseberry. A cup consists of 177g and food struct reports that these fruits have a low GI of 53 and a calorie value of 61.

Kiwi fruit is a nutrient-dense food with an appreciable amount of Vit C, E, dietary fibers and folates, potassium, some bioactive components like antioxidants, phytonutrients all of which provide metabolic benefits to its consumers. The high fiber content in kiwi fruits slows digestion and increases satiety which minimizes further calorie intake during the day.

Being a good source of vitamin C, this may play a great role in weight loss management. Studies from The Journal of Nutrition reported that vitamin C deficiency slows down the loss of fat mass and individuals with adequate vitamin C oxidize more fat during exercise. Vitamin C may also prevent the accumulation of abdominal fat.

Their anti-inflammatory properties from the peptide kissper can also be thought to play some role in weight management.

Their seeds also help during digestion thereby promoting weight loss.

All in all, these and many fruits when munching especially in whole supplies you the many properties with great metabolic benefits particularly weight loss. It is recommended that fruits can replace a meal or maximum of 2 meals (with the help of your nutritionist) per day and that meals should not be drastically replaced by fruits to manage our weight as this may result in a deficiency of other nutrients that may result to health disorders.

Please kindly keep your comment below on your experience of weight loss and fruits or any other food and also what you think about the above topic or the overall article.

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