Walking and health – walk and save your heart.

Hey, welcome back to our amazing enterprise, Your Healthy Life, and today we shall be looking at how walking can ameliorate your healthy life. When you trek or move orderly such that your legs visit the ground each at a turn and both never off the ground at once, you are practicing

List of Nutrients in Food – Knowing what you eat.

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, our company is so delighted to have you around in good shape and health, which is our main goal, as a perfect intro into 2020. Today, we shall be looking at some healthy foods we usually consume, what they have ( the goodies or what science called them

Ways to lead a healthy life – Hygiene and Health

Hello everyone and welcome once more to your healthy life empire. My name is Akon, CEO of this amazing website and today we will be talking about some ways to lead a healthy life. I know some of you out there hate drugs and detest going to the hospital for treatment. Our

Ladies sanitary pads – Evolution of Sanitary pads.

A sanitary pad can be thought of as a soft material of absorptive quality worn mainly by females in their underwear during bleeding (after birth) or during menstruation. Ladies sometimes wear sanitary napkins when they undergo abortion or experience miscarriages. These pads are generally put on by women or young girls above

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Greetings to you wonderful people and welcome to our amazing website, “Your Healthy life.” As you all know, your health is your greatest asset, and feeling great expands your thinking horizon which often enables us to excel massively in our various businesses. So we must take care of our health with our