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Special greetings everyone, you are highly appreciated to take part in our discussion-a review on one of the highly recognized diabetic brand products, the Prodigy AutoCode Glucose Test Strips. The features of these strips, the product details and description, how they work and how we can store them, some users’ cautions, how to obtain accurate results, and their pros and cons shall be taken into consideration.

This product is the only English & Spanish-speaking, No-Coding, blood Glucose monitoring system available. The Prodigy AutoCode test strips are fabricated with an easy-to-use design that will give you fast and accurate results. According to its many users, testing blood sugar levels has never been this easier.


IMAGEProduct’s Name Notes.Purchase.
PRODIGY AUTOCODE GLUCOSE TEST STRIPS-NO CODING TEST STRIPS REVIEW.Prodigy No Coding Blood Glucose Test Strips (50 ct). 50 Prodigy Auto-Code Glucose Test Strips.
Weighs 0.64 Ounces
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PRODIGY AUTOCODE GLUCOSE TEST STRIPS-NO CODING 100 ct TEST STRIPS REVIEW.Prodigy AutoCode Glucose Test Strips 100ct100 Test Strips in Number. 2 Boxes, 50 on each box.
2.4 Ounces
Buy here.
PRODIGY AUTOCODE GLUCOSE TEST STRIPS-NO CODING 150 ct TEST STRIPS REVIEW.Prodigy Autocode Test Strips, 150 CT150 Test Strips. 3 Boxes, 50 on each.
1.59 Ounces
Buy here.
PRODIGY AUTOCODE GLUCOSE TEST STRIPS-NO CODING 200 ct TEST STRIPS REVIEW.Prodigy AutoCode Glucose Test Strips 200ct.200 Test Strips, 4 Boxes, 50 on each box.
3.99 Ounces
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Prodigy No Coding Blood Glucose Test Strips (50 ct).

Package includes 50 Prodigy Auto-Code Glucose Test Strips.

Key Features.

  • Approved for Alternate Site Testing (AST): You can test from your thighs, palms, upper arms, forearms, and calves, which have fewer nerve endings than your fingertips.
  • Easy to Use: Automatically draw blood into the strips, and with the use of these Prodigy AutoCode test strips and the available Prodigy AutoCode Meter, you are able to hear your results instantly in English or Spanish.
  • No Coding Required: You won’t have to look for the code that matches, making the process faster and easier (One less step).
  • Prodigy AutoCode Glucose Test Strip uses the Prodigy Autocode Talking Glucose Meter amongst the Pocket and Voice Meters.
  • Prodigy’s FREE Software: With Prodigy’s free software, you will be able to download your glucose levels to your PC and make an average of them.
  • Tiny Blood Sample: This needs only a 0.6 microliter blood sample.
  • Fast: The device is fast and provides results accurately within 6 seconds.
  • Capillary action makes testing easy!

Product description 

Prodigy No Coding Test Strips work with the Prodigy AutoCode, Pocket, and Voice meters. The 3 lead technology allows the meters to test only when there is enough blood on the test strip, saving the user test strips and money. The capillary action automatically draws the blood sample into the test strip. Prodigy No Coding test strips do not use GDH-PQQ technology and are approved for alternate site testing. Our glucose oxidase technology allows for safer and more accurate results.

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  2. 150 ct Prodigy No Coding Test Strips-Check details here.
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Some Key Facts for Users.
For Reference Numbers 52800, 52810, 52835, 72500, 73200,
and 51800
• For in vitro diagnostic use only.
• All Prodigy® meters, Prodigy Lancing Devices, and Prodigy No
Coding Test Strips” are for single patient use only.
• Do not share them with other people. Do not share them with
family members!
• Do not use them on more than one patient!
• All parts of the kit should be treated as bio-hazardous and can
transmit infectious di
Prodigy® No Coding Test Strips provide a measure of glucose in
Whole blood. The blood is drawn into the channel of the Prodigy® No
Coding Test Strips that absorb it through capillary action. The blood
glucose level is measured and displayed on your Prodigy® meter. Only
0.7 μL (microliters) of blood is required and the time to get results is
7 seconds.

Caution For users or Patients.

1. This product is not meant for neonates (newborns or infants).

2. It is not used to screen or diagnose diabetes mellitus.

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3. Prodigy® Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems are for single patient use.

4. Do not share them with other people!

5. Avoid sharing with family members!

6. Use this product alone!

7. Decease from using it for critically ill persons!

8. Try not to use Alternate Site Testing (AST) to calibrate Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM)! Get a detailed review of G6 CGM here and for the pros and cons of Dexcom G6 CGM, kindly open this door.

9. Stop using AST to measure insulin doses!

10. For in-vitro (external) diagnostic use only.

11. Treat all parts of the kit as bio-hazardous that can transmit infectious diseases, even after you clean and disinfect.

Product details

Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Product Dimensions1.13 x 1.13 x 2.1 inches; 0.64 Ounces
Item model number52800
Date First AvailableJune 9, 2008
Best Sellers Rank #12,660 in Health & Household (See Top 100 in Health & Household) 
#21 in Diabetic Blood Test Strips
ManufacturerProdigy Diabetes Care, LLC
Customer Reviews4.8 out of 5 stars by 1,417 ratings


To ensure that your Prodigy No Coding Test Strips work as designed, kindly adhere to the sections that follow:

Important: Do not use Prodigy® No Coding Test Strips after the expiration date, otherwise, results may be wrong.

– Prodigy® No Coding Test Strips expire 90 days after opening. When you first open the vial, write the date opened on the Prodigy® No Coding Test Strips vial.

-Store the Prodigy® No Coding Test Strips in a cool, dry place between 39°–104°F (4°–40°C) and between 10% and 85% relative humidity. Keep the Prodigy® No Coding Test Strips away from direct sunlight.

-Prodigy® No Coding Test Strips must be stored ONLY in their vial. Do not transfer them to a new vial or another holder.

-Touch not the Prodigy No Coding Test Strips when your hands are wet.

-Use each Prodigy No Coding Test Strips promptly after taking it from the vial. Close the vial lid quickly after taking a new strip.

-Keep the vial lid closed at all times when not in use.

-Do not bend, cut or alter the Prodigy No Coding Test Strips.

-Uses 3-lead technology, and only induces a reading when sufficient blood is present, making it a money-saver.
-Strips are used universally for a broad range of prodigy meters. Changing your upgrade will not warrant you to change your strips.
-Affordable when compared to other brand test strips.
-FDA approved
-Can only be used with prodigy meters.
-Some strips have been reported to expire long before their listed dates.
-Inaccurate and unreliable readings have also been reported by few users.


Prodigy® No Coding Test Strips should be used with a fresh blood sample. For best results read the sections below, along with your Prodigy® meter Owner’s Manual before you obtain a blood sample.

To get a drop of blood, follow these steps:

1. Wash your hands and the puncture site. Rinse and dry yourself before testing. Do not clean the testing site with alcohol. Instead, wash the test site with soap and water only.

2. Lance the puncture site to obtain a drop of blood. You may massage or gently rub the site in order to obtain the required amount of blood. Do not squeeze the punctured site in excess.

Few FAQs.

Are they expired?The expiration date is written on the box and the products usually have 12 to 18 months before they expire.
Can I use this product with a brand name contour device, for example? 
These test strips can only be used with the Prodigy meters.
Will these strips speak or voice the glucose level?Yes, if your meter is a speaking one. Otherwise, it just reads.

Alternate Site Testing (AST)

1. Use alternate site testing (AST) only two hours or more after a meal, two hours or more after taking insulin, or two hours or more after exercise.

2. Stay away from AST if you are aware that your glucose level is not as stable as usual.

3. If you think you have hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), do not use AST.

4. Do not use AST if you think you have hyperglycemia (high blood sugar).

5. Avoid using AST if your AST results do not match the way you feel.

6. Don’t use AST results to measure doses for insulin.

7. Shy away from AST results to calibrate continuous glucose monitors (CGMs).

Bottom Line.

The Prodigy No Coding Test Strips offer no-coding, alternating site testing, and many more inspiring features for its users. They are also affordable compared to test strips of other brands and have kept organized directives and instructions for consumers to adhere to. However, they are only designed for the prodigy meters and the few inaccurate results and other limitations could be adjusted if users compel to the product manual and instructions of usage.