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Diabetes is a metabolic disorder of increased levels of sugar or glucose in our blood due to the inability of the pancreas to make insulin or the poor response of insulin to this glucose especially when glucose is consumed from high-calorie foods. Due to the many complications and risks associated with this metabolic syndrome, the urge for health care providers, health organizations, experts, and scientists to fight, control, or manage diabetes remains paramount. Thus here comes another review, another book written by an expert who seeks to help diabetics manage their health naturally without drugs while eating the food they so desire. Amazing right?

Book Details.

ASIN: B07997WZJ8

Publisher: Primal Health, LP; Second Edition

Publication Date: January 1, 2017

Language: English

Paperback: 100 pages

Item Weight: 8.6 ounces

Best Sellers Rank: #24,842 in Books

Review: 137 global ratings and 4.2 on 5 stars at Amazon.

Price: $64.75 at Amazon.

It is worth noting that this book is often bought together with THE END OF DIABETES: THE EAT TO LIVE PLAN TO PREVENT AND REVERSE DIABETES (EAT FOR LIFE) by Joel Fuhrman M.D. whose paperback costs $14.48

What Is The Smart Blood Sugar?

This is a handy guide of Dr. Marlene’s training in natural medicine coupled with years of perfecting the Diabetes Reversal Recipe at her Wellness Centre in Austin, Texas. With this guide, you can lower your blood sugar level and reverse your diabetes in the fastest, easiest and tastiest way possible. This hand guide saves you the strength of the count of calories or the understanding of complex plans as those seen in the low glycemic index. The natural concept of this Diabetes Reversal Recipes can make you resist the rabbit diets like those proposed by the ADA. According to Dr. Marlene and some users of this hand guide, you can lower your blood sugar level while eating sugar. She calls this the Cheat trick-which induces your body cells (whether they are insulin resistant) to quickly assemble up or pick up sugar from the bloodstream. This is possible even after taking a slice of chocolate cake.

Although the Diabetes Reversal Recipe controls your blood glucose level safely and naturally, it is not a guarantee you will achieve the exact results you expect. Your results depend on how you strictly follow the Diabetes Reversal Recipe and other factors. This control may be faster or may take a longer time. Hence it is recommended you listen to your Physician before pausing on your medication.

Smart blood sugar is intended to:

Enable you to switch your body’s energy sources to start using stored energy.

Reduce spikes in blood sugar and insulin

Prevent insulin resistance-a disorder that arises when your body becomes less sensitive or responsive to insulin.

Bring forth techniques to promote energy by making healthy food choices.

About the Author.

Dr. Marlene Merritt lives in Texas and runs a Wellness Center with her husband. She practices Natural medicine, combining proven healing methods with scientific research. She is a licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Nutrition.

The Smart Blood Sugar Plan.

The main element in this plan is an eBook from the member’s area. They also have many other items which are offered free of charge. The eBook is Dr. Merritt’s step-by-step plan showing how you get healthy blood sugar levels as you make few changes in the manner you eat or move. She confidently reports that her plan can reverse the effect of type 2 diabetes if followed properly. Patients through her plan benefit from a naturally balanced blood sugar level, reduced medication previously required to treat their underlying health conditions, a decrease in weight while eating the foods they crave for. Dr. Merritt believes that your body has the will to naturally heal itself, especially when exposed to the basic building blocks that ignite good health. Her plan shows you how to do this without the addition of drugs. She encourages you to eat the food your body craves and the foods that provide sugar levels in the bloodstream that the body can burn up naturally. If you enjoy eating desserts, no need to worry because she has tips for you. With this, she will reveal and focus on a single type of food you can ingest more often which later helps during this course.

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How Her Program Works.

This process relies on basic science. When a body is functioning properly, it uses insulin to filter off glucose from the blood. Type 2 diabetics are insulin resistant and their body does not respond properly to insulin, no matter how much the pancreas secretes this insulin. Glucose gets stuck in the blood and eaten the wrong foods worsens the situation. You tend to have more glucose in the blood, thickening the blood, slowing down circulation which is all detrimental to the health-leading to poor circulation, kidney failure, heart issues like stroke, and maybe amputation.

Dr. Merritt’s plan operates by guiding you to eat the correct foods-for example foods with low sugar and carbs. This enables the blood sugar to lower the blood sugar naturally. The guide helps you to moderate how you take in carbohydrates you love most. The program is based mostly on the book but you will also have some additional resources for free to help you achieve your goals.

You may also get a one-year subscription to Dr. Merritt’s natural health connection newsletter, meal plans with shopping lists, details of foods that help lower blood sugar, help with how to read labels, what to look for, and also a smart alcohol guide. You also have access to brief and stimulating exercises that will rapidly burn glucose stored in muscle cells. No long workouts. The program focuses on intense 7-minutes to achieve the same results. It gives details of natural supplements that can also help in your quest to lower your blood sugar naturally.


The program is all about basic science.

Free resources available.

No drugs or needed.

The guide is natural.

The program is fast, easy, and tasteful.



The book is expensive.

Be flexible with price fluctuation.

Be aware of some scary information like Insulin may lead to cancer or death. Well, recent studies are confirming this but the benefits of insulin outweigh the risk of causing cancer.

Haven said these; we would love to recommend that you institute this program or get a copy of this book from AMAZON and go through it strictly. But before you take such a decision we also request you consult your physician if you wish to make any changes to your diabetic plan or medications. Based on the many reviews and research conducted about this book and the testimonies from many users, we are glad to say there is hope in controlling this metabolic disorder and that the SMART BLOOD SUGAR book does help a lot of folks out there in managing their diabetes type 2.

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