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Hello everyone and welcome once more to your healthy life empire. My name is Akon, an educator and health advocate, today we will be talking about some ways to lead a healthy life. I know some of you out there hate drugs and detest going to the hospital for treatment. Our company will be delighted to help ameliorate your healthy life thereby limiting the chances of we often visiting the hospital or over depending on drugs.

Personally, I would like to say I have spent more than a decade without seeing a doctor nor spending a night in the hospital and I am going to reveal some tips I do in order to lead a healthy life. Today, we shall focus mainly on hygiene and subsequent ways of living healthily shall be dealt with in our next articles.


Hygiene is one of the most important aspects as far as our health is concerned. It is the practice of keeping ourselves and our surroundings clean. Hygiene is also known as the act of maintaining good health and preventing diseases through cleanliness. The World Health Organization (WHO) actually defines hygiene as conditions and practices that help to maintain and prevent the spread of diseases.

Hand Washing.

The first case we will be looking at, under hygiene, is “the washing of our hands”. This is quite absurd or funny but I tell you that majority of the health problems people face today are due to basic hygiene which the washing of hands ranks top. This is actually due to negligence especially after leaving the toilet or handling latent (hidden) contaminated objects (such as money or the steering as we drive) or shaking of hands while we greet people and we tend to eat particularly snack foods like biscuits. Sometimes, due to anxiety-like too much hunger, some folks don’t wash their hands properly before a meal. Generally, it is highly recommended that we wash our hands properly and if possible with disinfectants before and after every meal. It is advisable to wash your hands regularly especially after leaving the toilet. These will get rid of bacteria and other germs that may be detrimental to your health.

Keeping the Surroundings and Toilet Clean.

Secondly, we shall be looking at the aspect of “keeping our toilet and surrounding clean”. One of the principles I adopted since I was a child is keeping my toilet clean. And while living as an adult and traveling from one city to another, if I get to a toilet not properly clean, I get infected. So I always go back to the drawing board, to keep whichever toilet I am using very neat. I believe your toilet should be thoroughly kept neat up to the point that you should be able to have your meal in it comfortably. Otherwise, then make it so. This also goes to our surroundings especially during the disposition of refuse. When our toilets and surrounding are unclean, flies and other vectors of bacteria and germs are attracted to this milieu causing serious damage to our health.

Bathing 2 to 3 Times a Day.

The third feature we shall peep on is “bathing two to three times a day”. It is very evident that people who spend two to three days without taking their bath accommodate irritating odor and tend to repel others around them. Having your bath saves you a great deal from this embarrassment. Taking your bath properly ( about twice or thrice per day) caters away about 90% of the germs that get in contact with your body externally during your day-to-day activities. Of course, if allowed to accumulate may lead to body odor-caused mainly by accumulated dried sweat (as earlier mentioned), rashes, and some skin diseases like scabies and acne. We recommend making cleanliness your priority as the saying goes “cleanliness is next to godliness.”

Washing of Cloths.

Another case as far as hygiene is concerned is the “washing of our clothes”. Folks who fail to clean their dresses on weekly basis tend to face some health challenges. They are uncomfortable and sometimes harbor odor as a result of accumulated odor caused by dried sweat. It is advisable to wash your dresses regularly to always dress neatly and feel more confident. Dressing neatly and properly makes you look and feel good and like my fiancée usually says, “ looking good is good business.”

Washing of Fruits.

Other minor hygienic practices are the aspect of washing fruits before consumption and the proper cleaning of food items during cooking. Many folks fall victims to not washing fruits before consumption and this results in them having problems in their health probably because these fruits were contaminated by germs or pathogens. Moreover, it is also recommended to immediately keep our pots, plates and spoons, and other kitchen utensils after using the kitchen as this may attract flies and other insects that are gifted to transmit diseases.

We have many other cases of how hygiene plays a vital role in the lives of many and our company will be more than happy if some of these points are listed in our comment box. For the main time as the new year, 2020 unfolds with us all, we hope to attain the best of health as it is the utmost goal of this amazing enterprise.

Thank you all for passing by and stay tuned to our next article.

Happy New Year,


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