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What Is Fit2B?-Best Review By Akon.

Hello Beautiful people, kindly permit me to introduce you to a great and trending company, Fit2B that finds pleasure in the fitness of people, and today we shall be walking ourselves on the CEO and Co of this enterprise, their goal, and mission, some of their thoughts about fitness, getting started with this company for those interested, the pros and cons, and a summary of their entire programs like the numerous e-courses, workouts, and resources.

We request you read this review to the end before deciding to join this wonderful program and we will also be thankful if interested members can register through our platform as this will enable us to motivate our staff to do more research and serve the public with passion.

What is Fit2B?

Fit2B is a company that offers a great video library of evidenced-based workouts with many styles envisaged to follow or accommodate at your pace and space. After browsing its website, and following some of the program’s intro, especially after listening to the CEO, it is a quality home workout virtual program in the form of videos and blogs with excess resources for all including kids and post and prenatal women made by professionals and experts who care enough to make sure many gain their fitness again.

It harbors the gift of restoring or strengthening the cores of members that have been through a lot. The core of the body, also known as the torso is that part where essential body movements are highly dependent. If your core is not well developed, then you are likely to be exposed to injury. This Fitness enterprise has experts and professionals that can provide you the right program that will help strengthen these cores, making you move happily again. Care to check more on this program, kindly open this window.

You can watch and follow their programs anywhere by streaming their workouts on your TV, mobile device, laptop, desktop, etc.

Who is it good for?

Their numerous e-courses and workouts can accommodate everyone. The company has programs for males, females, special programs for kids, postnatal and prenatal ladies, mothers of 2 and above, and their programs are family-friendly.

About the Company and CEO.

Bethany Learn is the founder and CEO of fit2b. She became a great fan of fitness barely at 16. And at this age, she was curious about how bodies adapt during pregnancy and birth. Being the leader of this Fitness empire, she seeks to encourage those who have been told they will always look pregnant or would leak while exercising that it is not over until they win until they attain their desired tummy shape and fitness. And as one of the qualities and roles of every educator (the educator as a researcher and life-long learner), she never stops learning or researching, a great leader, and a hard worker.

Her Mission.

Changing the lives of people and one tummy at a time and making the movements of ladies more feasible and meaningful for those who seek to be stronger contributors to their families, communities, society, and the world at large.

Her Qualifications and Achievements.

At the age of 18, she was a certified group fitness instructor through the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). She also graduated with honors on a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sport Science as well as Pre Physical Therapy in 2001 from the Orego State University.

As passionate as she was about her dreams and aspirations, she used the income from her group fitness certification (while teaching 14 classes per week) to pay for her college tuition. She also maintained the AFAA certification for 16 years, telling us that she is good at what she does.

She now keeps a Yoga Alliance certification which requires her to complete 30 hours of continuing education for a period of 3 years. And with lots of gumption and determination, she finished 53 hours of training in 2019.

She also holds the following workshops and certifications: Senior Fitness, Pre and Postnatal Fitness, Body Composition and Weight Management, Third Age Women, etc. For more information on the achievements of the leader and CEO of this Fitness Company, please visit here.

The Company’s Goals.

Getting you “fit to be” chasing your kids, your dreams, and your goals.

Helping parents with very busy schedules and those with diseases and disabilities approach exercise with enthusiasm.

Helping individuals smoothened their middles and simultaneously not tempering their body.

To make fitness accessible to everyone, every day, particularly those who find the simplest movement a nightmare.

Seeing their athletes and members using them for cross-training and beginning a new physical activity which seems very hard.

Getting Started With Fit2B.

3 easy steps are required to get started in this Fitness Empire. In step 1, you are needed to choose the type of membership plan convenient for you. The second step gives you access to go through the fit2b super simple online registration while step 3 requires you to check your email and thus commence your workout session. You may want to check on these 3 steps for yourself here, or better still signup here.

Moreover, there are also 3 membership plans mentioned in step 1. And despite these 3 categories, all members enjoy the following benefits:

  • 25% discount on the company’s products from the shop.
  • Instant access to their library with hundreds of workout, videos, and exercises.
  • Unlimited access to their Roku channel.
  • Access to their Private Facebook support community.
  • Entrance to some e-courses of which the premium members are accessible to them all.
  • The right to insider information throughout their site.

1) The Basic Monthly Membership Plan.

This plan charges $16.9/month (to $17.9 /month in some instances) and no activation fee is required. Members in this plan shall have access to 3 fitness courses (StartUp 7, Foundational 5, and Beth in Real Life), Private Facebook chats with the owner, and also enjoy a discount of 25% on the company’s products.

If you are interested in this membership plan, we recommend you find more information here.

2) One Year Basic Membership Plan.

This category of members is entitled to pay $149/year (to $159/year in some cases). Thus compared with the basic monthly membership counterparts, they can save $60 per year (meaning they are indirectly paying $12.42/month).

They also enjoy the same benefits as the Basic Monthly Members and there is no auto-renewal here.

If you wish to sign up or seek more information concerning this plan, please go here.

3) Premium Membership Plan.

As a premium member, you need to pay just $109/year and a signup or activation fee of $160.00, given a total of $259. The $109/year renders you access to every workout library including the wonderful and enriching exercise videos and courses. The signup or activation fee of $160 gives you free entrance to the e-courses worth close to $600 to $700.

With this membership plan, you are exposed to their Facebook Community Chat forum, discounts on all products, fit2b Roku channel, all present and future e-courses, and winter conference.

For more information on the premium membership plan, please open it here.

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The company is rated 3.4/5 on Amazon.

  • They are easy to follow and to do.
  • Great for beginners.
  • Workouts and videos are family-friendly.
  • The majority of the videos play with no issue.
  • Some videos help in areas where there is no internet connection or where the internet connection is slow.
  • Varieties of workouts to choose from.
  • There is the provision of encouragement in every workout.
  • You can become a referral and earn revenue while as a member.
  • The customer service team is good.
  • Black Friday ads page offers are available.
  • Social media communities like Facebook enhance interaction and collaboration.
  • Quite affordable and cheaper than the Gym.

Interested in this Fitness Empire, kindly signup here.


  • Some DVDs may be disappointing.
  • Lack of motivation may set in due to virtual format or distance between instructors and members.
  • You need a fast internet connection for the e-courses.
  • The monthly membership seems costly compared to the others.

Some Fit2B Workouts.

This company has varieties of workouts in the likes of Your First 5 Exercises, 5 Minutes Workouts, Beginner Path, All Workouts from A-Z, Colour Series, Prenatal, Postnatal, Core Workouts, Cardio Workouts, Pilate Workouts, Yoga, Arm, Leg, Office, Kids, Advance Path, Challenging Combos, Spoonie Workouts.

Your First 5 Exercises.

Normally called the F5 or the Foundational 5 Routines and are requested to be completed before beginning the fit2b workouts. These include the Basic Transverse and Mula Bandha, Totally Transverse, Allign it Flat, Mula Bandha, and Kelly’s total body stretching.

Get full details of this work out here.

And for more information on Exercise and Diabetics and Does Exercise Help In Weight Loss?

The A-Z Workouts.

Here is a collection of series of workouts arranged in alphabetical order for easy exploration by users and members. They also have letters tagged on them, like E for easy, M for moderate, C for challenging, K for kids, R for relaxing, P for pregnancy, and TS for Tummy safe. An example here is;

Ab Attack C/TS.

The C as earlier mentioned means this workout is challenging and YS stands for Tummy safe. The Ab Attack targets the 4 layers of the abdominals and the intensity is pretty safe.

To explore all A-Z workouts, open this window.

Kids Workouts.

This Fitness Company is not only meant for you but is very beneficial to your children. Remember the popular saying, kids do what they see. And most often when kids see actors like Spiderman and actresses like Angelina Jolie performing on stage, they tend to imitate these models, especially in their hidings. I am very sure it is this same principle the company adopted to come up with amazing videos and workouts for kids. These children’s exercises are fun-driven and create intrinsic motivation and enthusiasm so that kids can happily burn excess calories or stored energy which might be detrimental to their health. These exercises also promote the cognitive development, general fitness, and healthy life of children.

Examples of exercises designed for kids include; ABC exercises, baby balance, Baby lift, Basic kicks and punches with Owen, Bedtime Stretches, Floor Yoga for Teens and Tweens, Kids and Crackups, etc.

If you desire to know more about these kid workouts, kindly browse here.

Fit2B Courses.

Courses are classified into mini-courses, Workout programs, and Major Courses.

The mini-courses comprise the StartUp 7, Beth in Real Life, Get Your Glutes in Gear, Walking as a Workout, 7 Day Sugar-Free Challenge.

StartUp 7.

The workouts and exercises in this course will definitely take you to the next level of your fitness. This comprises weightlifting, quizzes to assess what you have learned, Hipster Chair Moves, Videos, Cardio with Kelly, Stretching and PMS, Toning, Shoulders, Better Back.

Kindly get more details on the S7 course work here.

And for other ideas on the various mini-courses, please open this door.

The Workout Programs include Prenatal and Postnatal fitness. And the individual Major Courses are Exercises around the World, 14-day Neck Challenge, 5×5 Challenge, Experts on Diastasis Recti, Foundational 5+, Fit2B girls, Comforting the core, etc. Kindly browse these courses here.


As an educator provides numerous resources to facilitate the learning environment of his/her learners, so are Beth and her collaborators to their subscribers and members. Some of these resources include the fit2b radio, Youtube Channel, numerous blogs and articles, videos, DVDs, Diastasis, Self -Check, instructors and teachers, Pregnancy Q and A, Printables, Directory of Diastasis Experts, Should I Splint my Abs?, Does Diastasis affect Guys? and other numerous products.

I see the fit2b program as hope and challenge for many people particularly the ladies out there who think they can’t move or have their fitness again either due to one disorder or their busy schedules. I strongly recommend this program because the CEO being a mother of 2, and all the qualifications, organization of her business, the training and works she has spearheaded, still create time to do more research on the latest courses and workouts telling us that she is meant to realize a dream of restoring the fitness of ladies and all those who seek her services. Their training being family-friendly and at the comfort of your home makes it fun to accommodate and if you seek to know more about this Fitness Empire, kindly join here.

Thank you all for your patience and time running over this review and do leave a comment on what you think about this Fitness company and for those who have been members of fit2b, kindly share your experience by making use of our comment box below.